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Fashion refers to certain popular style which includes clothing, accessories, footwear, and makeup. One who is said to have good fashion sense usually looks good in terms of the categories above. Although outer look is not everything, someone will be regarded more if he/she can dress well and avoid blunders in their appearance. Fashion also shows someone's status in the society. For example, royal family will dress differently from ordinary people. Rich people will dress differently from the poor. The age of internet has made the boundaries of fashion less visible than the way it used too. Everybody can dress like the ones they intended to be because the information is scattered all over the internet. Even in the far south country of South Africa, fashion is booming.

According to the history, the modern fashion industry was begun by the opening of Charles Frederick Worth's Haute Couture fashion house in 1854. Since then, the fashion industry has grown rapidly. Through the time, the emergence of fashion industry has led a fashion designer to rise. Fashion designer is often seen as figures that not only design, but also create garments that have directions towards future trends. Before the modern era, high fashion were worn and appreciated by the wealthy classes. They had the prerogative to make garments by their own choice. While most garments at that era were homemade, the wealthy classes made the garments by the help of tailor and dressmaker.

South Africa is located in far south of Africa continent. It was first considered as a remote area. The colonists bring life and modernity into the hearts of this country so that it is no longer fallen behind. Its popularity amongst the tourists also contributes the mix and fusion in terms of culture, producing the unique and fanciful today South Africa. It is the country where people taste the modernity with the spices of local African culture. The newcomers bring new nuances to the land of South Africa, setting a new standard that later would make the whole world turn their eyes at.

Fashion trends change quickly from time to time. No wonder if the company releases their products at least twice a year, to fit the seasons: spring/summer and autumn/winter. For spring/summer collection, usually the collections are based on thin material to enhance the air circulation throughout the body. One of the most popular designs in South Africa is leopard-motive T-shirts. It is applicable everyday, without needing too much fuss. For the bottoms, demin shorts and troussers are still popular. During autumn and winter, the collection usually uses thicker material. It happens so to keep the warmth in the body; to fight cold weather outside.

Fashion in South Africa is not inferior comparing to other famous cities in fashion industries. They are not out-dated; instead, they have their own style. It is all wrong if you think that people in South Africa do not have good fashion sense. In terms of style, both men and women of South Africa can be compared to other modern countries in the world. The trend is growing and the number of enthusiasts is rising. It is shown by the number of South African fashion designers who gained international popularity nowadays. For example, the works of Marc Bouwer have been worn by famous celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Faith Hill, Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum, and Beyonce Knowles.

For fashionista, South Africa holds South Africa Fashion Week twice a year. It was first launched in 1996 carrying a mission to provide local designers and brands a platform to launch their latest products. The two seasonal events, spring/summer and autumn/winter, are held in Cape Town and Johannesburg. It has been established as one of the most reputable events in South Africa. It encourages the local consumers to support local brands and designers. For that matter, the event is open for public.

Besides South Africa Fashion Week, the reputable award is also given to the best fashion talents in the country. It is given and judged by African Fashion International. The organization is a leading fashion authority not only in South Africa but also in Africa continent. Through three pillars that represent the organization's vision (events, development, and business), AFI tries to promote the designers to present their works to global markets.